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Helping unfortunate kids feel miracle & believe in a better life they deserve.  


Supporting education life transformation.


Helping orphan little Melon

Within 24 hours, we discovered her unfortunate story, flew over countries, found her with her grandma, the only remaining family member, surviving in a tiny space in a small corner of the city. We knew we had to give help.

(detailed story coming soon →)

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Helping little baby Thu Huong

Our team discover the case of little baby Thu Huong and her grandma, who is making a little earning to survive by selling lottery tickets on the street. We immediately asked for support from our friends & professional circle and made a visit to help them.

(detailed story coming soon →)


Helping abandoned baby Bao Ngoc

She was left behind in a grass field by her own mom right after being born. Rescued by a group of military soldiers, and survived critical life-death situation due to the health damage from the tragic event, she is now taken care of and raised under the roof of Minh Tam temple by the gold heart nuns.

(detailed story coming soon →)


Helping orphans at Linh Son temple

We make a trip to Linh Son temple to give monetary support and spend time playing with the unfortunate but bright orphans in summer 2019.

(detailed story coming soon →)


Changing belief to transform life for children and young talents.

Many disadvantaged children and young individuals do not believe in their ability to change the world. Often, the hardship in their unfortunate life do not allow them to think beyond their current circumstances, and it takes away their hope to create a better life they deserve. We are aspired to tackle this challenge and make an impact for their life.


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